Gallery Exhibitions

Gallery Exhibitions (Organized/Participated)

– NTEL : Self-titled Part 2.  Works on Paper, Inc. (SOLD OUT)

Philadelphia, PA.  April – July 2014.

– Creation2 : Graff is a State of Mind.  Café Sole.

Jersey City, NJ.  February 2014

– Jersey City Studio Arts Tour.  Ummi’s Living Village Garden.

Jersey City, NJ.  October 2013

– Artists In Dire Straits.  Works on Paper, Inc.  Philadelphia, PA

September – November 2013

– NTEL: Euripides Print Release.

Winter 2013.  Published by Evan Slepian.

– III : Book Release. (SOLD OUT)

September 2013.  Published by Evan Slepian.

– Annual Paterson Art Walk. The Ivanhoe.

Paterson, NJ.  September 2013

– Purple Rain.  Optimo NYC.

NYC, NY.  August 2012

– Savage Habbit & Friends.  Jinxed.

Philadelphia, PA.  July – August 2012

–  Unzipped.  Gallery 58.

Jersey City, NJ. April 1st-April 30th, 2011

–  Hueless.  Mallick Williams & Co.

Chelsea, NYC.  March 4th-April 13th, 2011

–  The Bare Square x nAscentARTNY.

NYC, NY.  January 21st, 2011 – present

–  DTJC.  Index Art Center

Newark, NJ.  January 14th – February 11th, 2011

–  Mallick Williams & Co.

Chelsea, NYC.  January 12th, 2011 – present

–  Underground.  Liberated Real Estate

Philadelphia, PA.  November 1st –December 31st, 2010

–  NTEL. Happiness Print Release (SOLD OUT)

Philadelphia, PA.  October 18th, 2010

Published by Evan Slepian.  Works on Paper, Inc.

Printed, marketed, and distributed by the artist and Evan Slepian

–  Gallery Jolie Laide.

Philadelphia, PA.  October 2010

–  October 2010 Salon.  Gallery Kunkle

Philadelphia, PA  October 2010

–  Building.  Salon des Amis Gallery

Malvern, PA  August 15th -October 10th , 2010

–  Pop Culture.  Freemans Auction House

Philadelphia, PA  September 3rd, 2010

Artwork exhibited and sold at auction

Freemans first pop/street art auction

–  Pocket Art 2010.  nAscent Art NY  New York City (city-wide)

Manhattan, NYC  Project launched May 2010

Pocket-sized artwork trading cards

Distributed in numerous high-end boutiques, galleries, and museums

Including Random Accessories, and others

–  Gone Printin’.  Projects Gallery

Philadelphia, PA  February, 5th– March 12th, 2010

–  The Less You Know.  Pure Gold Gallery

Philadelphia, PA  January 7th-25th, 2010

–  IFPDA Annual NYC Print Fair.  The 67th St. Armory (SOLD OUT)

NYC, NY  November 3rd – 8th, 2009

Received mention among IFPDA Members as the first artist/gallery to execute an original installation in the history of the fair

Also received mention in NY Times Nov. 6th, 2009  Arts & Leisure

–  Anarchists In Dress Shoes.  Mendez Home and Investments

Philadelphia, PA  November 6th, 2009

–  NTEL: Self-Titled.  Works on Paper, Inc. (SOLD OUT)

Philadelphia, PA  September 12th, 2009

Show covered by Philly Weekly,,                                                   , and others

–  Guerrilliesta.  IDC Headquarters and Workshop

Philadelphia, PA  August 21st, 2009

Fundraiser to benefit International Design Clinic. Guerrilla Architecture and Humanitarian Design

–  When Worlds Collide.  Vesuvio Lounge

Philadelphia, PA  June 13th, 2009

–  Pure Gold! The Inaugural Group Show.  Pure Gold Gallery

Philadelphia, PA  May 15th, 2009

–  Projection Mail.  AIA Center for Architecture

Philadelphia, PA  May 1st, 2009

Project Consultant, Installation consultant/assistant

Funded by Provost’s Commission on the Arts/Office of the Provost. Temple University

American Institute of Architects, Temple University, Mumbai Mobile Creches, and International Design Clinic

–  Art From the Pavement Up.  Brewster Projects Gallery

Philadelphia, PA  April 3rd, 2009

–  One City. 100 Artist Showcase  33 Washington St. 3rd Floor

Newark, NJ  March 6th, 2009

In assoc. with Clifford M. Stein (Savitar Realty Advisors), Mayor of Newark Cory A. Booker, Hell’s Kitchen Lounge, JaJo Gallery, and The Valerie Fund

Proceeds to benefit The Valerie Fund

–  Cut Copy.  T &  P Fine Art

Philadelphia, PA  February 6th, 2009

Show covered by Philly Weekly,

–  Heaven and Hell.  Jajo Gallery

Newark, NJ  January 23rd, 2009

–  Works on Paper, Inc.

Philadelphia, PA.  2008-Present

–  Gigantic Miniatures.  Gallery 58

Jersey City, NJ  December 13th, 2008

–  Alone In Deep Space.  The Ivanhoe

Paterson, NJ  October 25th, 2008

–  America Is Dying Slowly.  Gallery 58

Jersey City, NJ  August 7th, 2008

Received honorable mention on Juxtapoz Magazine’s website

–  2nd Annual Rockabilly Show.  12oz. Studios

Brooklawn, NJ  July 27th, 2008

–  Art On The Bridge.  Hosted by nAscent Art NY

Chelsea, NYC Oct. 25th 2007 @ The Fountain Gallery

Philadelphia, PA January 2008 @ Private Location

Tribeca Area NYC March 26th 2008 @ L Gallery

–  Throwin’ It Up.  Hosted by Graffiti Comix

Belleville, NJ January 2008

–  Studio 1414.  Hosted by Dutch and Ntel

Good Money Philadelphia, PA Aug. 25th 2007

Understand My Visions Phila., PA Sept. 15th 2007

Night of the Living Dead Phila., PA Oct. 13th 2007

Gigantic Miniature Holiday Extravaganza, PA Dec. 8th 2007

Graffiti NJ.  Hosted by Artworks x Leon Rainbow

Trenton, NJ March 2007

–  The Streets Are Watching aka AIDS vs. PFE.  Hosted by Red Saw Art

Newark, NJ Feb. 2007

– Pinstripes n’ Pin-ups.  Hosted by 12oz. Studios

Brooklawn, NJ

–  And It Don’t Stop.  Hosted by Rarebreed

Philadelphia, PA June 15th – July 10th

–  No Diving.  Hosted by NYFineArt

New Century Artists.  Chelsea, NY July 18th – 29th

–  Big Art Show.

BAS #2 Philadelphia, PA May 10th @ The Rotunda

BAS #3 Philadelphia, PA July 22nd @ Lazertown

BAS #5 Brooklyn, NY June 3rd @ Sputnik

BAS #6 Brooklyn, NY July 1st @ Laila Lounge

–  Round 2 at Rocky’s. Works of Art Under the Bridge

Brooklyn, NY Sat. July 17th 2004