THE ABSTRACT NTELIGENT was born in the classrooms of Ramstein, Germany; circa. 1998.  The name quickly became more of a ‘school of thought’ than a title for an actual human being.  Though NTEL had already experienced a world of different cultures, ideas, interests and experiences, by the age of 12 he grew increasingly bored with the ‘normal’ steps that guide most peoples lives.  So, with a passion for art and knowledge, an over-whelming amount of imagination, motivation, energy – and even a little stubborness; NTEL set out to prove to the world that dreams can come true.  He has spent the last 15 years studying the world, and creating his art with what he has discovered, working to bridge the gap between Fine Art and Street Art.  He shows in dozens of exhibits a year and creates constantly.  In addition to his fine art career, NTEL has started his own ‘art and interest’ related business, that encompasses over 40 available services from civil engineering, architecture, and interior design, to antiques, bonsai, and herpetology.