STEVE WEINIK photographs MARTHA COOPER photographing NTEL (ca. 2009) in 2014!

Thanks to and for the heads up…

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Upcoming exhibition hosted by our good friends at Gallery 58.  Jersey City, NJ

Featuring THEN.ONE  x NTEL in their debut duet.

Gallery 58

58 Coles St.  Jersey City, NJ

More info available at

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Upcoming Exhibition in Chelsea NYC.

This show includes great artists, innovators, and legends.  You’ll be happy you saw this one!

March 4th-April 13th
A Monochromatic Exhibition Featuring Works by…
D Face, Distort, Shepard Fairey, Erik Haze, Curtis Kulig, Marissa Textor, Pete Watts, FAUST, NTEL, Dirk Dzmirsky, Sam Ske, Marco Zamora, Katsu, Nicholas Forker, Michael M. Koehler, Nathan Pickett, Russell Young and Skullphone.
-Greyscale attire suggested-
More info available at


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Current exhibition on view at Mallick Williams NYC.  Chelsea’s newest up-and-coming gallery!  A beautiful space filled with beautiful people!  Check it out.
January – February 2011
INNER CIRCLE features works by Michael M Koehler, NTEL, and Keith Van Pelt.

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